Friday, April 10, 2009

Y me??!!

Y me??.. my worst nitemare finally come true. I was d damn lucky (read:malang semalangnyer) chosen 2 ( wit my other colleague) 2 b transferred 2 risk management dept. not that i'm shock when i heard the news coz i kinda predicted this thing gonna happen like dis.
2 b frank, dis is not wat i signed up 4. yes, eventho my face expression and body language show i'm happy 2 hear it but my heart is saying it the flipway.
suddenly, dis song playing continuously in my head ( but wit some 'lauk tambah' lyric) over n over won't stop
the truth b told i love it (kunun2 agree + fake smile)
the truth b told i lying ( xde sape nampak nih)
when u c my face hope it gives u hell, hope it gives u hell,
when u walk my way hope it gives u hell, hope it gives u hell.
all american reject u guys rawxx!!

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