Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my so-called theraphy

Chillin' with my nephews n niece n forget not, my phamily..(phat+family, ahahaha..) will always b d bestest day ever.hihihi..they are more like a 'sorrow wiper' (what da...) in my own definition =)

cikebal n i (very notti2, always try to bite me whenever he got chance)

d 1 n only akiem

hijackin' pasar malam. me, cdah ukm, adorable deja n of course akiem. along took d picture so he can't be seen.hihihi..

poor nabil. he's having a fever. just sleeping in his bed most of d time. get well soon!!!

there goes my chillin'2 moment. orait! peace out bebeh..

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