Friday, May 20, 2011

Top reason y i should workin' from home..

yeah... i've been through a pretty hectic/ tiring weeks at my work lately (still do..)
so suddenly it popped out from my mind (nah.. actually a brilliant suggestion by a friend of mine) y dun i work from home. i mean y not.. then, a couple of second after i already had a few reasonable reasons y working from home is AWESOME!!!!!

1) i can work in a comfort of my own home (yeah of course. what am i thinkin')

2) i can wear whatever i want (baju kelawar and so on), dun have to prepare n iron my working attire, i dun have to take a bath or even brush my teeth first if i want to (best part) but still can start my work.

3) can picking my nose (or even passing gas, hihihihi) while doing my work without worrying that my colleagues might see it, or hear it or even smell it..hahahaha

4) can do chores at the same time. i bet my room won't be this messy..(alasan)

5)i can be quite grumpy when i'm not comfortable(frankly: i can easily annoyed by something petty. really) at those time, it is best if i'm not dealing with client or even my office mates cause it is really shows on my face what i feel. so it won't bother me if i'm not at the office.working. (paling busuk pon talk thru phone-i can't be seen)

6) i kinda give a favour to those who doesn't really like me though. if i'm not around the office, then those people don't have to see at the EVERY WORKING DAYS. hahaha.. how cool is that.

7)last but not least, my preggie sista also reporting herself to her boss from home. she seems happy n enjoying it. i couldn't ask more..huhuhu~

=i'm sure there a lot more reason to be added up but i guess i can't think of it right now.. so until then, i better go to bed immediately cause it's already late and i have to wake up early and go to work tomorrow...sob..sob..


cik puan daun said...

after some times you will feel like a social retard and missing having lunch with your friends.

That the downside of it. :(

keyno said...

huhuhu~ that's the price u have to pay..hihihi~