Sunday, April 14, 2013

Girls Day Out!

It's a girls day out y'all! & it was on my birthday! Double the fun! Hihi Yet tiring i must say. We were out to seksyen 7, shah alam. N lovers sure know this place. Tudung heaven!!!!!!! With so many online branded shop located in one place. I repeat, ONE PLACE. If it wasn't "heaven", then i dun know what it is. we r on tudong huntin'! So, there was only kakak, my niece- qisya & ME!


kakak try out the new released tudong while qisya busy with "basikal".

so full of herself..hahahaha

makan time!!

"let's go home!" - this little girl kept saying ekot! ekot! (read: dukong sampai lenguh) hihii..

suddenly become besties..hihii

And then we called it a day.. better reserve more energy and time for the next tudong hunting. :)


cik puan daun said...

apa punya ekspression makan time tu.. ahahahaa..

Qisya terpaksa besties ngan mak ngah.. ahahaha.. But qisya good girl lah.. cuba ekot ekot tu jer tak tahan.

keyno said...

Expression maha sedap la sbb lapar. Haha..yup sume ok cume part ekot tu mmm... Hihi