Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cute kids are cute.

Venue: McD - Api-api, KK. I was surfing the internet through my phone while finishing up my breakfast on 1 fine sunday morning. Then came a family sat next to me. There she was in her cute flower printed dress carrying her happy meal box. Talkative. Open her box. Start  complaining about the toy she got. With high pitch voice talking non stop saying that this not she asked for earlier at the counter. Only stop when her dad ask her to start eat her breakfast. Need a load of patience to handle a very hyper active kids. But i find it cute n it reminds me of my nephews n nieces. Really, kids are cute aren't they. Despite of any annoying actions they did. I still love them and always make me smile all the time..really. wo ai my cute little monsters!


cik puan daun said...

Paling win adalah Luqman!!!!

keyno said...

nangis pom still maintain cute.