Sunday, October 14, 2012


my officemate a.k.a sabahan friend officially wearing tudong today and hope will cover her aurah for the rest of her life. Sooooo happy for her. Today we also have an overnight  at Kundasang. It was freezing cold. Fuhhh...~ she whisper  to me before we heading back that it was her first day pakai tudung and the longest period she had it on her head as well. (but she never complain. Good for u gang!)

The other day she asked me to do some tudung tutorial. I’m not really the right person when it comes to tudong fashion. Being me of course I only  wear tudong just hentam keromo and never iron one.  But still  i tried my best to help her and give a her a tip or two on how to wear it to suit her face and foremost she feels comfortable and confident while wearing it. It was fun though. Hahaaha..
so called tudong tutorial camwhoring!

kundasang trip y'all!. feeling-feeling oversea. NOT!

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